Die Brücke

Ape Finger of the Stars – Mountain, Forest, Ocean

Mountain, Forest, Ocean tape photo

Mountain, Forest, Ocean, which takes its title from the three approximations of eternity that appear in John Berger’s video essay on time (carting away all the rocks of a mountain in a wheelbarrow, cutting of every branch of every tree in a forest, watching a duck drinking the ocean) – a sample of which features prominently in the piece itself – is an unhurried improvisation over a modest chord progression with synthesisers, tapes and saxophone.

It is the debut album of Ape Finger of the Stars, a Berlin-based improvisational drone quartet with members from Finland, Germany, Italy and Sweden. It was recorded on January 12th & 26th 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

Mastered by Marco Verdi. Cover painting by Viktoriia Shcherbak.

The digital version as well as a limited edition of 50 transparent red C-60 cassettes with hand-cut, -printed and -varnished covers can be purchased via Bandcamp.

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